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What is UID?


The UID initiative requires a permanent machine-readable barcode, called the Data Matrix, to be placed onto the item or part that meets certain selection criteria. Generally, these criteria for the item (end item, subassembly, or part) are:


  • Overall $5,000 in acquisition cost
  • Serially managed
  • Mission essential
  • Controlled item (i.e., classified items or munitions)
  • Other items the Program Manager designates


Monode is recognized as experts in the marking, verifying, reading, and communicating technology necessary for a successful UID program. Monode currently uses RVSI products and technologies because they are the inventor of the Data Matrix and provide the world’s best technology products for reading and verifying the Data Matrix. Monode specializes in providing technology products for placing a permanent mark on parts as well as integrating marking equipment, machine vision technology, Data Matrix readers, Data Matrix verifiers, and Data Matrix validators into a variety of environments that include production lines and integrated platforms.



We provide a range of services, on-site and off-site, in support of UID requirements. Our technicians and consultants will come to your location or you can send your parts to our facilities for permanent marking.



On-site outsourcing or straight outsourcing. Marking services are available at hourly or daily rates. We can use your existing marking equipment, rent you the appropriate marking equipment, or include the cost of marking equipment in the marking cost.



We can provide UID policy consultation, either at your location or ours. Consulting services include training on:

  • UID Policy in DoD
  • UID Business Rules and Implementation
  • UID Technical Interface
  • Data Matrix technology (including the MVRC methodology)
  • Implementing a successful direct part marking program
  • Developing a business case
  • Improving quality using UID
  • Responses to government solicitations
  • Review of on-site operations and specific UID recommendations to include
  • Marking, Reading, Verification, Certification
  • Database binding with current databases



A full range of equipment is available for daily rental, including lasers, dot peen machines (column mounted and hand held), and electro-chemical etching systems.



Marking recommendations. We provide support to your engineering organization and make specific marking technology recommendations based on process, material, substrate, safety critical aspects, permanency, readability, cost, and so on. This service is available at our facility for a standard fee for each material type/item.



We will provide a three-man team to visit your location and provide all of the marking and consulting services listed above during the period of our engagement. This team will consist of marking technicians, materials experts, and consultants and will bring all appropriate marking equipment, including the Mobile Marking Cart with TRIAD. This service is our on-site "Premier Service" and is available for a standard price, all expenses and consumable cost included (except label stock). Multiple day discounts are available.

This shop-hardened cart features a steel welded frame, shock absorbing/locking wheels, steel drawers for tooling and components, built-in wiring harness for plug in from either end, battery backup and surge protection, industrial computer rack and monitor stands as well as a plastic mar-resistant top plate for parts up to 1,000 pounds.  The net-based communication of TRIAD links to a wide range commercial database software or into MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) for a total solution to critical parts tracking.  Monode's Mobile Marking Cart includes a portable marking laser and docking station for the toughest marking requirements. The Monode Ytterbium Fiber laser fused optical system and a shop hardened mechanical design presents a marking system able operate in a production environment of shock and vibration with the capability to work in ambient conditions of 92% relative humidity and temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This robust configuration is built to add flexibility to mark a complete range of large and small parts.


Monode's TRIAD Marking Software uses a common operator interface for all marking technologies (pin marking, etch, laser, and micro milling) so operators within an organization learn a single set of commands, functions, and processes to apply direct part marks, capture part data, and interface with enterprise data. This eliminates the need to learn different proprietary interfaces for different types, makes, and brands of marking devices. This approach brings control of marking data to the shop floor by including database binding, operator controls/security as well as standard audit formats. It also links others to the data management, quality control, and marking operation. TRIAD incorporates 2D reading and verification into an interface that makes sense and increases productivity on the shop floor. The software takes the next step by allowing XML, DLL and other data binding techniques so the marked information is gathered and seamlessly blended into existing legacy systems. TRIAD is the tool that links enterprise database to manufacturing floor marking equipment to reading and decoding equipment back to network and web based databases







  • Monode Pinnacle Model 20FLPM: Back Pack Portable/Mobile Cart Cass IV Twenty Watt Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Diode Pump Marking Laser
  • Built-in flatbed CO2 laser.
  • Monode Marking Model C151AZ Pin Column Mounted Single Pin Dot Matrix Marking System with "Auto Touch-Off" Feature
  • Monode Model P60/P120 Portable Single Pin Dot Matrix Hand Held Marking System
  • Monode Model 7300 Stencil Cutting System and Model 510 Program Power Unit and complete Electro-Chemical Hand Etch Station
  • Monode 10 Watt Ytterbium Fiber Diode Pump Marking Laser
  • Monode 3 Watt Ytterbium Fiber Diode
  • Pump Marking Laser
  • Fume extraction system
  • Monode Micro Milling
  • Monode Ink Jet Marker (permanent ink)
  • Integrated Permanent Label Maker



Note: all marking systems available for individual and stationary installations also.



UID Links

AIM Global
Bar Code Basics
DFARS Clause 252.211-7003
DoD Official Web Site for UID
DoD RFID Policy
DOD UID 101 Course
ISO/IEC 15418
ISO/IEC 15434
ISO/IEC WD 16022.3
UID Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items v1.4
WAWF Training


The configuration of the Mobile Marking Cart includes:  

  • Monode Custom Steel Welded Frame Mobile Cart
  • TRIAD Marking Software
  • Rack-mounted computer
  • 2D Data Matrix Reading Equipment, Validation & Verification and TRIAD Software link featuring RVSI technology




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What Is UID