USCG ARSC Marking Program

  • Hands-on analysis
  • Handheld marking inside C130
  • Handheld laser marking inside C130
  • Close up on handheld laser marking inside C130
  • First mark made with a handheld laser
  • Handheld laser on outside of Jayhawk
  • Prepping etch mark
  • Etch mark
  • Verification of marks
  • Mobile marking platform
  • Marking enhancement

Monode marks 500 safety critical parts for the USCG

Challenge - Onsite marking of flight critical parts by the Monode Marking team and an engineer from the manufacturer with the 2D Datamatrix ECC 200 for traceability.  This was done with two basic varieties of parts:
  • In-place (installed) components
    • Painted fuselage, structural, and mechanical components
  • Removed components 
    • Selected exterior engine components, including rotors, gears, ect.
Solution - Monode preformed the hands-on analysis and determined that a mobile marking platform had to be invented.  This platform had to be able to run using a generator for some of the challenges and the labs had to invent some new marking processes to meet the needs of this project.

Results - The following was accomplished:
  • The world's first handheld laser marker was created and used
  • All parts were marked successfully
  • A mark enhancement kit and methodology was invented for 2D marks
  • The first mobile marking platform using the same software to run multiple technologies was deployed
  • This project was one of the case studies used to lay the foundation of the IUID program for the DoD