Large Gear Marker

  • Gear marking
  • Overall size
  • Easy access outside controls
  • Retractable work platform
  • Quick release fixtures
  • Marking tooth by tooth
  • Lighting off
  • Lighting on
  • Laser line indicator

The gear marker for the construction, mining, gas and oil industry

Challenge - Create a machine for the construction, mining, gas and oil industry for the marking of large gears. The platform must be shop hardened and capable of withstanding the weight of the product. It must also be robust enough to survive in the production environment.   Finally, software must be easy to use and the fixtures should be intuitive for the operator.

Solution- The solution the Monode engineers delivered exceeded the expectations of the challenge.  The following are some highlights:
  • Laser line indicator for easy set up
  • In-house fabricated power coated steel frame cart with adjustable height
  • Quick release fixturing

Results- The following was accomplished:
  • Gear marking GUI created and standardized for the most efficient user experience
  • Custom lighting installed to help the operator with part handling and setup
  • Standardizing the configuration management of this solution has led to multiple installations in the industry with the capability for each machine to serve as each other's hot swap back up