Robotic Pin Marker

  • Rendering of solution
  • Rendering of pin inspection
  • Robot approaching pin marker
  • Robot coupling with pin marker
  • Pin inspection
  • Pin marker approaching part
  • Marking Part
  • Pin marker retracting
  • Verification approach
  • Verification of part

USAF legacy robotic part marking project

Challenge – The USAF had a large amount of legacy parts that needed to be direct part marked.  The cost of fixturing each of the parts was not viable.  The challenge was to make a system that could mark any part put on a table with common hold down tooling and have a full repeatability from part to part.

Solution – Monode engineers created a robotic pin marking solution.   The base of  the solution was a known robot integrated into the Triad II/Traceable-IT engine.  This solution had to have multiple measurement tools and vision equipment to accomplish the challenge.   

Results - The following was accomplished:
  • A vision based pin inspection module was introduce to insure proper pin tip geometry
  • The system had the ability to “look” at a part, use a laser measurement tool to determine distance and leverage vision tools to find unique areas on parts to use as a starting point
  • The robot has a full vision verification system also integrated into the system