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    Mark Anywhere
    Even Up In The Air
    Battery-powered dot peen
    programmed by your phone or tablet.
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    Go ahead
    Mark my day
    Monode's custom Nd:Yag, CO2 and fiber lasers
    are ready for your toughest marking challenge.

Innovative solutions for contemporary marking applications

We've been helping manufacturers mark their products since 1956. What can we do for you?

Core Capabilities

  • World-leading manufacturer and integrator of permanent part-marking and vision equipment, services and solutions.
  • Extensive line of dot peen, electro-chemical etching, laser marking, scribe marking, steel stamp, and machine vision systems.
  • Custom engineered part-marking hardware/software solutions to meet any type of part-marking requirements.
  • Total IUID (Item Unique Item Identification) solutions provider specializing in support for compliance with DoD's policy by way of software development, systems integration, systems engineering, network administration, on-site/off-site marking teams, project management, and training.
  • System installations and start-up, site surveys, consulting, post-installation support including a 24-7 help desk.

Cut the cord with Battery Power! Introducing the hand held Monode Dot Peen Marker.

battery operated handheld pin marker

Monode's revolutionary hand held gives you up to 8 hours of pin marking with a lightweight, robust cordless marker. Easily controllable with your Android or Apple phone or table.

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