Dot Peen – Pin Marking

Pioneers in Pin Marking

Monode is proud to have created the world's first computer-controlled pin marker. Since then, our dot peen solutions have evolved to incorporate multi axis marking, complex robotic markers, and 2D data matrix bar coding.

Typically pin marking is used on metals, plastics, and composite materials. The process uses a stylus to mark a series of dots that form alphanumeric characters or bar codes. The dot peen stylus can be either carbide or diamond-tipped, and the power source pneumatic or electric. Because this process can be so tightly controlled and makes a mark with very low stress it is often the recommended method for marking flight critical aerospace components.

Common uses include:

  • Aerospace – Almost all components
  • Automotive – Engine, frame and most components
  • Oil & Heavy Industry – Most components including pipe

Pin Marking Machines