Machine Vision Verification

Validation application

Validation versus Verification


Validation is a process for analyzing mark encoding schemes in accordance to industrial or government regulatory standards. Machine vision-based automation identification technology enables organizations to comply with configuration and quality management system requirements for the identification and traceability of components throughout the manufacturing process.


Verification is a process for analyzing mark quality in accordance to industrial or government regulatory standards. Mark verification utilizes hardware and software to analyze mark quality and the interference imposed by complex substrate properties and processes. It ensures a high-quality mark capable of surviving the desired downstream manufacturing processes and provides a satisfactory read rate throughout the supply-chain and commissioning cycle.

Verification is commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • Organizations who deploy discrete manufacturing and have rapid production change-overs.
  • Extensive mark longevity requirements.
  • Counterfeit prevention.
  • Manufacturing processes which commonly experience mark degradation.

Monode is available to conduct an on-site needs analysis and feasibility testing to help your organization craft a validation and/or verification strategy.

Monode's Verifier with Modular Lighting

Cognex Verifier

90 Degree Light
Cognex verifier - 90 degree light
Dome Light
Cognex verifier - dome light
Quad Light
Cognex verifier - quad light
Ring Light
Cognex verifier - ring light

Monode's innovative verifier has become an industry standard. Our design features modular lighting options which simply click into place and are immediately recognized by our patented software. No operator adjustment is necessary as the software automatically configures itself for each lighting attachment.

Our verifier also features an easily adjustable boom stand that allows the system to be used with a wide variety of part shapes and sizes.