Monode Integrated Pin Markers

The Monode product is a full line of marking solutions, Column Mounted, Integrator Heads and Hand Held products round out a very capable line of marking products at industry best pricing.

Monode I Series of Handheld Dot Peen Solutions

I2 dot peen marker

I4 dot peen marker

The Monode line of durable part marking solutions offers an intuitive user interface and configurations adaptable to any environment.

  • Adjustable force and speed
  • Date and Serial Codes
  • Logos and Lines
  • Many Font Options and Orientations

Controller based solutions

pin marking controller

pin marking controller

All with these standard options:

  • Variable Fonts
  • 2D data matrix and QR code barcodes
  • Any bus devices for fieldbus connectivity
  • Adjustable force and speed
  • Date and Serial Codes
  • Discreet I/O
  • 120 VC/60 HZ
  • 24V DC/5A