Industries Served

Aerospace / Aviation

Aerospace presents us with a number of unique challenges: a wide complexity of geometrical shapes, advanced metals and super alloys, and the importance of flight critical or safety critical components where traceability and accountability go hand in hand.

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The automotive industry is focused on up-time, throughput speed, component commonality, global support and ease of integration. Monode has pioneered a number of vertical solutions to meet these stringent demands.

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The Department of Defense's (DoD) Item Unique Identification policy was crafted with an eye to addressing long-standing supply chain, asset management and accountability issues. As an industry participant, Monode actively participated in the arduous development of the policy and has established itself as one of the premier providers of IUID hardware, software and consulting expertise.

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Monode has a long history providing consistent and durable identifying marks to the surgical instrument and medical implant field. Due to its non-invasive and high-contrast mark electrochemical etching is the standard for medical instrument and implant identification across the globe.

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Oil / Energy

Monode's long history of innovation in steel stamps and impression marking machines gives us a distinct advantage. Whether it needs to be portable or a fixed marking station in your factory, our systems are built to survive the harsh challenges of oil and energy applications.

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