Scribe Marking

Scribe marking is the perfect solution to the need for an engraved mark with clean, sharp lines and generating little to no noise during production.

In scribe marking, a constant force is generated via a carbide or diamond tipped marking using a pneumatic or electric source.

Carbide-tipped scribe marking head
Diamond-tipped scribe marking head

What Can I Scribe?

Typically scribe or diamond dragging is primarily used on plastics, metals and composites that are flat or as close to flat as possible.

Common uses include:

  • Military – Parts that are overhauled and painted over many times
  • Automotive – Frame, VIN, exhaust and parts that are coated after marking
  • Oil & Heavy Industry – Pipe and any other painted exterior parts

Sample scribe mark

Monode's Diamond Dragging Technology

Our diamond dragging technology employs a robust pin using light, medium or heavy pressure depending on the application. The result is a continuous line mark that typically has a higher cosmetic value than many other marking methods.

Monode's scribe marking machines are available with multiple configuration options including speed and depth of mark. We can also engineer a custom scribe marking solution for your specific application.

Scribe Marking Machines