Contract Marking

Contract marking

Leave it to us to make your mark

Monode offers a full range of contract marking solutions from in-house to onsite, along with a team of experts ready to mark your parts. Some recent contract laser and electrochemical marking projects include onsite marking of flight critical aircraft parts for the United States Coast Guard and tools for the Air National Guard.

Contract marking is well-suited for the following situations:

  • Low volume – You have a very low volume of parts or labels and the overall cost of owning a marking solution can't be justified.
  • Legacy parts – You have a number of legacy parts, and once marked you will not need to retain the marking knowledge or the array of different marking technologies needed to mark that inventory.
  • Evaluating multiple technologies – You're not sure what marking technology will work best for your final product, and by seeing the finished mark and process it will help make a better informed decision on what solution to invest in.

Drawing from experience

When our onsite team deploys we bring more than the equipment – we bring decades of experience and leadership in the industry. Our team is able to troubleshoot and improvise in the field. For example, a recent project in Norway saw us creating IUID plates for NATO military equipment. When the original adhesive specified by another vendor failed to work, we partnered with an adhesive manufacturer to invent a new adhesive for the plates that could withstand the challenging conditions the equipment would be operating in. Our solution was awarded a UID Excellence Award.