Automotive Marking

Marked automobile part

Driving for Automotive Marking Perfection

The automotive industry is focused on up-time, throughput speed, component commonality, global support and ease of integration. Monode has pioneered a number of vertical solutions to meet these stringent demands.

For example, our Vestige Series laser pedestal allows the manufacturer to safely mark in almost any configuration and features a footprint that is easy to manage. This laser features all popular communication protocols and is available as a Control Reliable solution.

By using a standard ODVA compliant communication protocol, we have created a plug and play environment for machine builders and factory automation specialists to aid in communication mapping and connectivity with our marking systems.

Another success story has been our work with automotive mirror dimmers manufacturers. For this application we built a custom dual head marker with a double verification station for the 2D Datamatrix ECC 200 marks that were loaded and unloaded with a shuttle.