UDI Compliant Medical Instrument & Implant Marking

Marked surgical part

Patented technology for FDA UDI compliance

Monode has a long history providing consistent and durable identifying marks to the surgical instrument and medical implant field. Due to its non-invasive and high-contrast mark electrochemical etching is the standard for medical instrument and implant identification across the globe.

Whether your application consists of marking titanium spinal rods or cobalt chrome hip replacement components, Monode is the proven and trusted choice.

Our "closed-loop" process couples our etch technology with the use of 2D data matrix symbology which allows medical manufacturers to implement a detailed asset management and traceability program to meet FDA compliance for UDI. Monode's patented software system is cost-effective, industry proven and easy to use, establishing us as the leaders in the medical instrument and implant marking arena.