Integrated Marking Lasers

Custom laser marker

Monode's engineers have developed laser marking integration packages ranging from universal applications to industry-based solutions with plug and play hardware.

Vestige Series Laser for Industrial Environments

Vestige Series Ghost Integrator Laser Package

The Vestige series lasers are designed for easy integration with both new and existing systems. Features include:

  • Reduces part fixturing costs with non-contact marking.
  • Multiple configurations: pedestal, robot, and handheld.
  • Complete error proofing available with Mark 2 Verify (M2V) technology.
  • Patent-pending Monode Laser Safety Nozzle eliminates the need for expensive laser safety enclosures.
  • "Tri-Dundant" level safety system protects people and equipment in the area.

Vestige Series Ghost Integrator Package

The Ghost Integrator package includes:

  • Working area from 50 to 230 mm.
  • Power options from 10W to 100W.
  • Pulsed and continuous wave solutions.
  • Patent pending modern design with modular options.

Laser Options

Options include:

  • Right angle input / output adaptor.
  • Integrated manual Z axis: 1" travel.
  • Powered or manual Z axis: any travel.
  • Nozzle end effector.
  • IC Control Panel Assembly.