Steel Stamp Heads & Holders

Monode offers a wide range of automatic numbering heads as well as a complete line of type holders to fill all your automatic, manual indexing and variable steel stamping requirements.

Serializing Heads

Steel Stamp Serializing Head

Consecutive serial numbers can be indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic / mechanical actuator. Styles include consecutive, random, duplicate, letters and symbols.

Special Heads

Special Head

Special serializing heads can be manufactured to meet any unusual marking requirements. For example:

  • Hot Stamping – hot foil marking
  • Selective – finger-actuated
  • Barrel Style – roll marking

Hand Numbers

When suited with the appropriate shank, the numberer can be used in a machine or by hand hammer. The security pin not only fastens the wheels in position, but also transmits the impact energy in the body of the tool, directly to the point of marking.

A variety of configurations available in two standard frame sizes. Standard wheels are cut with a sharp face, 0-9 (inclusive) with one blank station. Logos, symbols or letters can be engraved sharp face, flat face or low stress. Condensed, concave or convex wheels engraved with any characters can be special-ordered.

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Hand and Press Type Holders

Hand and Press Holder

Monode industrial type holders can be ordered for press operations or hand marking. Heavy duty shanks are press fit and pinned to ensure positive pressure transfer as well as non-rotating alignment.

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Roll Marking Equipment and Tooling

Roll Marking Heads

Standard roller carriages and roller bearing cradles are available in a range of sizes and custom fixturing including angled mount, horizontal mount, and mandrels.

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