Custom Marking Systems


Our custom marking systems have marked well over a half billion parts since 1956.

Six Decades of Experience

Monode's custom engineering team is ready to take on your toughest marking challenges. As a third-generation family-owned business, we have six decades of experience creating custom marking solutions for a wide range of customers and industries, including:

  • Custom pin marking and laser marking solutions for all "big three" automotive manufacturers.
  • Custom pin markers for every major aircraft engine manufacturer.
  • Custom electrochemical etching systems used in over sixty hospitals including the VA system.
  • Custom laser, etching and pin marking systems utilizing our Triad software employed by the United States Air Force at three logistics centers and Wright-Patterson to create and track all marks made directly onto components.
  • Custom eight-axis cartesian coordinate steel stamp and laser marking robots for a leading motorcycle manufacturer. Operating around-the-clock at assembly plants across North and South America, the robots are capable of marking VINs on any motorcycle frame without reconfiguration or downtown.

We have a full time dedicated manufacturing and assembly team consisting of:

  • Electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Fabricators, welders and machinists
  • Highly-skilled assembly technicians
  • Computer programmers and IT integration experts
  • Technical writers, quality inspectors and certified program managers
  • Sales, training and standards support specialists

Monode's 50,000 square foot engineering facility near Cleveland, Ohio includes a full machine shop, fabrication hub, large assembly area, inspection center, IT facilities, laser lab, stencil developing room and secure caged stock and storage for same day shipping.

Monode's Three Step Approach

Hands-on Analysis
The Monode engineering team believes that hands on is the best way to learn about you and your marking process. Whether your facility is an assembly plant in a nearby city or a NATO military base deep in a Norwegian cave, we'll bring our expertise to you. We want to meet your team and see your application in action. (If an in-person visit isn't an option, we can work remotely using sample parts.)

Detailed Scoping
Once we've seen your facilities and understand your marking needs, we define a specific solution. We work with you and your team to make sure all the necessary technical criteria and quality standards will be met by our solution. If you're supplying parts to another manufacturer, we can work with them to make sure their design standards will be adhered to. We then propose a design cycle, configuration, and necessary manpower and management options that are needed for your project, as well as a cost estimate and project timeline.

Testing and Support
No matter how many meetings and drawing approvals take place during a project, the bottom line is always the same – does this system work well? The Monode team takes pride in the fact that we don't walk away after we deliver the final product - we test our builds and make sure that they are meeting the client's exacting expectations. We additionally provide comprehensive training and technical support as required.

Platform Interoperability

Monode has the ability to craft a solution that adheres to any existing specified platform. For example, we can interface with Allen Bradley controls or an Oracle or SAP database.