Traceable-IT – Marking and Traceability Software Suite

Fully Integrated Marking, Validating and Tracking Software

From simple part identification to a fully-integrated process using machine readable barcodes, Traceable-IT is the premier solution for marking, validating, verifying, and tracking parts. Traceable-IT is a versatile software suite engineered to meet the needs of all industries. Using a common graphical user interface the operator has the ability to use more than one marking technology combined with any vision technology and then parse the data as demanded by the application.

Traceable-IT tracks parts throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle. Utilizing a patented process, Traceable-IT encompasses a suite of part identification solutions powerful enough to meet all standards and traceability requirements. A flexible database structure stores and enables real-time reports to optimize production decisions, manage inventory, and better control manufacturing costs.

Advanced Capabilities

Versatile Marking – Text or Barcodes
Traceable-IT is capable of marking straight, angled or curved text as well as machine readable marks such as 2D barcodes.

Tracking Stations
Leverage parts marking to track processes across all touch points including manufacturing, quality control, logistics and more.

Traceable-IT's verification system uses metrics to ensure marks are properly made and read.

IUID Compliant Plug-In
Reliable Item Unique Identification (IUID) syntax to comply with all marking standards, part level tracking and reporting requirements.

Database Binding
Automated data exchange takes operator error out of marking data input. Traceable-IT can log all marks and ensure uniqueness where required.

User Manager
Multiple access levels enables hierarchical control permissions with clearly defined user roles and rights for each employee.

Event Logging
Click-level logging of all interaction within the traceability process.

Event Reports
Easy to read, succinct reports detailing all aspects of operator/system interaction.

Traceability Reports
Cradle-to-grave reporting capabilities for parts and processes.

External System Links
Share data between other shop floor systems via OPC and database connections.