Table Top Marking Lasers

Our off-the-shelf tabletop lasers provide top value and flexibilty for multiple laser marking applications.

Vestige Series Bravo

Bravo Marking Laser

Features of Bravo marking laser include:

  • Class 1 Marking Enclosure
  • Integrated red laser pointer for set-up
  • Powered Z-Axis
  • 1064nm Wavelength
  • 15"x10" work area
  • 13" Z axis

Vestige Series Echo Package

Echo Marking Laser

Features of the Echo marking laser include:

  • Working area from 50 to 230 mm.
  • Power options from 4 W to 50 W.
  • Pulsed and continuous wave with the same laser.
  • Patent-pending modern design with modular options.

Laser with rotary option

Options include:

  • Z axis: powered or manual 4" travel.
  • Rotary: standard 4".
  • Enclosure door is scalable for larger part compatibility.
  • Tag feed.
  • Integrated PC/monitor.
  • Integrated fume extraction.
  • Manual door.

Vestige Series Revolution

Revolution Laser

The Vestige Series Revolution laser marking system features:

  • 10 W or 20 W pulsed fiber, air cooled, diode pumped laser.
  • Complies to FDA 21CFR 1040.10 and ANSI Z136.1-2000 standards.
  • Electric roll feed (4 X 1000 feet label material) laser tag cut out, mechanical cut off.
  • Built-in fume extractor with replaceable HEPA filter system.
  • Labels meet MIL-STD-130.
  • Patent-pending integrated production capability with UID compliant verification / validation.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.