Laser Marking

High performance laser marking

Laser marking provides flexibility, high efficiency, and overall robustness for numerous applications. With a variety of laser core types, configurable pulse lengths and power levels, Monode's lasers provide long, maintenance-free performance in a compact industrial package.

Monode has contributed greatly to laser marking technology with innovations including our nozzle-based solutions with integrated reading and verification to factory floor automated applications.

Multiple laser marking configurations are available from tabletop versions to custom solutions to meet your process and application needs. Unlike many of our competitors who purchase the components to package together, Monode manufactures almost every item in-house, resulting in high-quality robust solutions.

Common uses for laser marking:

  • Military – two-part polyacrylic adhesive applications, handheld laser marking of very large items, etc.
  • Automotive – assembly line ready PLC and OPC based solutions.

Laser Marking Solutions