Steel Stamp

Monode Steel Stamps: The Mark Of Excellence

Monode has over sixty years of leadership in the steel stamp industry. Our expertise in engineering, metallurgy and heat treating have made us the recognized "mark of excellence" in our field.

Monode steel stamps are crafted from only the most premium grade steels available in the marketplace today, allowing them to withstand your most challenging marking application.

Character Orientation

Normal / Right Hand

Steel stamp: normal character stamp

Normal character stamps, also known as "right hand stamps", are read in a normal fashion.

Reverse / Left Hand

Steel stamp: reverse character stamp

Reverse character stamps, also known as "left hand stamps", are read in a reverse fashion.

Mark Profiles

Steel stamp: sharp face profile

Sharp Face

Sharp face steel stamps are general purpose stamps combining excellent legibility with strength and durability. Standard sharpness of the engraved face can range from a 60 to 90 degree included angle. Custom included angles are available upon request.

Steel stamp: low stress profile

Low Stress / Aero Cut / Dot Face

Low stress steel stamps are used in applications where minimum molecular deformation of a marked component is critical. The more forgiving radiused point of entry produces a very legible impression while simultaneously spreading the impact load and reducing the possibility of stress fractures in the molecular lattice of the metal. This profile continues to be a favorite choice of the aircraft/aerospace industry.

Steel stamp: flat face profile

Flat Face

Flat flace stamps have a blunt style profile which produces a shallower but wider character indentation. This wide character surface and increased character line weight are often useful if a post-marking process such as painting or powder coating is required.

Common Uses

Steel stamping is commonly used in:

  • Automotive – Frame making, components, hidden VIN.
  • Fluid Power – Pipe fittings, collars, valves, couplings, flanges, tags.
  • Tools – Hand tools, sockets, wrenches, cutlery.