Machine Vision Solutions

Machine vision processes such as edge inspection, OCR, OCV, blob tools, barcode algorithms can add important layers of error proofing to the manufacturing process. This error proofing in turn reduces the need for operator interaction and increasing throughput.

Monode's vision solution experts take the time to fully analyze your unique process and develop a best-of-class solution.

Machine Vision Tools

machine vision solutions - optical character recognition

Using tools like OCV (Optical Character Verification) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) our systems can read the part's mark and cross reference your database to make sure this mark is correct.

machine vision - custom vision application

Monode manufactured this custom vision application to fit a customer's unique verification needs.

Machine Vision Integration with Marking Machines

machine vision solutions - vision tool integrated with marking head

By integrating the vision tool with the marking head, multiple vision applications can take place before the part is released from the marking fixture – an innovation which can save time and money.