Marking Systems

Dot Peen

Monode is proud to have created the world's first computer-controlled pin marker. Since then, our dot peen solutions have evolved to incorporate multi axis marking, complex robotic markers, and 2D data matrix bar coding.

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Electrochemical Etch

Monode is a world leader in the manufacture of electrochemical marking systems, electrolytes and other supplies. Our solutions include semi and fully automatic marking machines, power units and stencil creators.

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Laser Marking

Multiple laser marking configurations are available from tabletop versions to custom solutions to meet your process and application needs. Unlike many of our competitors who purchase the components to package together, Monode manufactures almost every item in-house, resulting in high-quality robust solutions.

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Machine Vision

Monode has a long history of innovation in the machine vision field. We've helped write and maintain several key industry standards, and pioneered a patented software solution that integrates the marking and vision processes.

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Scribe Marking

Our diamond dragging technology employs a robust pin using light, medium or heavy pressure depending on the application. The result is a continuous line mark that typically has a higher cosmetic value than many other marking methods.

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Steel Stamp

Monode has over sixty years of leadership in the steel stamp industry. Our expertise in engineering, metallurgy and heat treating have made us the recognized "mark of excellence" in our field.

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