Integrated Dot Peen Markers

Monode's line of integrated pin markers is a favorite with machine builders and manufacturers with automation lines. Integrators find the dot peen markers' ease of use and universal PLC and PC based compatibility a major technical advantage.

There are two basic styles of integrated markers – standard integrated and embedded integrated pin marking machines.

Standard Integrated Pin Marking Machines

Fast Pneumatic Dot Peen Markers

Fast Pneumatic Dot Peen Marker

These pin markers have a marking area of 50 x 25 mm with unbeaten speed and high dot density.

Electromagnetic Solenoid Dot Peen Markers

Electromagnetic Solenoid Dot Peen Marker

These pin markers are available in multiple marking areas: 50 x 25 mm, 60 x 60 mm, 130 x 130 mm, 150 x 150 mm and 300 x 150 mm. They are best for marking Data Matrix bar codes as they feature precise, consistent, deep marking of individual dots.

Deep Pneumatic Dot Peen Markers

Deep Pneumatic Dot Peen Markers

These pin markers are available in multiple marking areas: 60 x 60 mm, 150 x 150 mm and 300 x 150 mm. They offer very deep marking – up to 0.9 mm indentation in steel.

Standard features include:

  • Standard character sizes: 0.15 - 99.9 mm in increments of 0.15 mm.
  • Marking characters: 5 x 7, 7 x 9, Varidot, HPGL, BMP Logos.
  • Marking Speed: Variable, depending on application.
  • Memory storage of up to 1350 marking programs.
  • 2x RS232 and Digital I/O (8 in, 6 out) connectivity.
  • PC option using Traceable-IT graphical software.
  • Controller protects electronics from shock loading of mechanical marking operation.
  • Durable integrated membrane keyboard with LCD linked function keys.
  • Very large embedded graphical display.
  • Full QWERTY integrated membrane keyboard with addition PS/2 port for external keyboards.
  • On-screen mark preview and trial-run features.
  • Advanced standard features include serial numbering, passwords, arc marking, time/date and logo marking.

Dot Peen Marker with Digital Z Axis

An optional TCP/IP (10BaseT) Ethernet module is available for control. Shown above is the 50x25mm marking window unit with optional digital Z axis.

Embedded Integrated Pin Marking Machines

Embedded Integrated Pin Marking Machine

Standard features include:

  • Marking area: 130 x 25 mm.
  • Controller embedded inside marking head – no external controller.
  • WYSIWYG screen directly on marking head.
  • Start button directly on marking head (mobile version).
  • Fully programmable. Can receive strings to be marked via Ethernet.
  • TCP/IP or RS232 communication.
  • Includes typical standard features listed above.